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Core Vision Industries – AVS (Adaptable Vision System)


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What is the AVS?

It’s an adaptable night vision system that can be configured to your needs or to specific objectives.

The AVS is a night vision goggle much like other familiar systems but the AVS can become much more. With a variety of removable and upgradable LWIR (Long Wave Infrared) or SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) camera cores you’ll be able to turn your night vision goggle into a fusion system.


  • IPD Adjustments
  • External Power Supply
  • Manual Gain
  • Independant Pod Shut-off
  • Power Off When Stowed

What is the ITS and Whats Included? 

The ITS is an Integrated Thermal Solution capable of turning your night vision goggles into a fusion system. Thermal cores will come installed in a proprietary housing that is designed specifically for the AVS.


  • OLED Screen
  • Beam Combiner
  • Thermal or SWIR Camera Unit/s


  • Fusion
  • Night Vision Only
  • Thermal Only
  • Patrol Mode, White Hot
  • Patrol Mode, Black Hot
  • Outline Mode


Housing Manufacture: Core Vision Industries
Standards: MIL-STD810G
Weight: 900grams – 1100grams
Housing Finish: Corrosion Resistant, Ultem
IR Illuminator: No
Gain: Manual
IPD Adjustment: Yes
Button Functions: Digital
Objective Lens: PVS14
Diopter Lens: Proprietary
Tube Type: GEN3 MX11769
Available Types: Photonis, ELBIT, L3Harris Unfilmed White Phosphor
Immersion: 66ft – 2 hours
Battery Life: 8 hours (with fusion)
Power Supply: External Battery
Magnification: 1X
FOV: 40 Degree
Diopter Adjustment: No. Fixed Diopter.
Thermal Type: LWIR (Long Wave Infrared) & SWIR (Short Wave Infrared)
Pitch: 12 µm
Resolution: 640 x 512
Thermal Modes: Outline Mode, Patrol-Black Hot, Patrol-White Hot
Thermal Gain: Yes. Manual.
Fusion Pods: Dominant or Non-Dominant
Adaptability: Yes. Interchangeable camera cores.
Independent Functions: Yes. NV Only, Fusion, Thermal Only.
Projected AVS-ITS Price: $22,499.99-24,899.99
Projected AVS Price: $8,500.00-$11,000.00

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